October 5, 2010

At Mokah Coffee Bar we are always looking for new, innovative technologies that help the world enjoy espresso (partially because we are completely obsessed with coffee and partially because we hope there are others out there who share that obsession).

One of the best inventions we have seen so far is the mypressi TWIST. This portable two-shot espresso maker is the best in the market. Going for as low as $129, it is powered by small pressure cartridges used in whipped cream makers and many other restaurant devices. All you do is put in your favorite espresso ground bean, tamp, add hot water, and pull the shots! You can make delicious, coffee-shop style shots anywhere!

This technology was invented for the purpose of allowing coffee farmers worldwide to taste-test their product the way it is most widely consumed. Typically, there is no access to electricity in the regions of coffee farms, but because the mypressi doesn’t require the use of electricity farmers can now perfect their bean by testing the flavor extraction of espresso style brewing and sell better quality beans at a price that is better for them and their families.

If you want to learn more about the mypressi click this link!