November 19, 2010

This is a short excerpt from one of the coffee blogs I (Mimo) frequent. Apparently, this is big right now in Japan… I hope this trend makes it’s way east one of these days:

Hapineko!!!11!1! (Happy Cat)

Hapineko is a nekocafe, or “cat cafe” in english.  There are over a dozen of them in Japan, and each of them have their own set of rules and styles, but the one we went to had about 10 free roaming cats, all named.  We paid 10 Yen for a half an hour free-for-all, where we were allowed to pick up the cats, but only with 2 hands, and not from high places.  The coffee was complimentary.  At the end you get a postcard of one of the cats.  To answer the questions I know you have:  Yes, it is real, and yes, you should go, and yes these should exist in North America, and no, just because you have 15 cats at your house and make a bodum in the morning that does not mean you have experienced this.

(Read the article in its entirety here.)